• It's time to write and record your EP!

    MY EP takes your from music IDEA to PROFESSIONALLY PRODUCED EP

  • What is my ep?

    The BEST way, the only way for an artist to truly break into the music industry is with great songs.


    The problem is that most artists don’t have next level music because they don’t work with great songwriters, proven producers and don’t have a team behind them to select the right songs to be recorded and released to the world.


    Not anymore.


    We’ve created a process to turn this all around.

  • My EP Pricing, Benefits & Timeline

    18 - 25k

    Step 1: Songwriting

    We arrange co-writing sessions for you with next level songwriters in Nashville, LA, New York and locally.

    Step 2: Production

    We select and oversee the recording and producing of your top 5 songs.

    Step 3: Mix & Master

    Your top 5 songs are mixed & mastered for release.

  • Meet My EP Artist Sophie Beem

    Parkwood/Columbia Records

  • What to Expect

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    How long is the process?

    Typically 4 to 6 months.

    Where will I write songs?

    Nashville, LA, New York and locally (where applicable).

    How much does it cost?

    Generally between 18 and 25k. While many of our clients pay in full, it's also possible to payout over 6 months.

    What's next after my project is complete?

    Most often next steps include organizing a stage show and publicity campaign and/or label meetings.

  • Ready to Start the Process?

    Let's talk about your music. Not all artists are the right fit for our process. If you think you'd like to work with us, fill out the form below.

  • Passionate about music

    So Are We!

    Amp U co-founders Jake McKim and Neeki Bey have been making music since they met in boychoir many years ago. They are life long friends and passionate about helping artists develop their dreams and putting great music out into the world.





  • Our Executive Team

    Jake McKim

    A&R Chief

    Jake McKim has handled A&R and Artist Development for Beyonce’s Parkwood Entertainment, Warner Music Group, Interscope Records, Big Machine Label Group, Triple 8 Management, and many others.

    Neeki Bey

    Music Director and Operations Chief

    Neeki Bey has had the privilege of being apart of some amazing stories: growing up in the Singing Boys of Houston/Houston Boychoir, the High School for the Performing and Visual Arts, singing in the Glee Club at Morehouse College, studying voice in Vienna and sacred music at SMU, working with many amazing talents like John Holiday (CAMI Artist), Maddie & Tae (Dot Records), Breelan Angel (MisBehavin Records), Sister C (X Factor Finalists, Triple C Ent.), Sibling Rivalry, Music World Music (Home of Destiny’s Child), Sophie Beem (Beyonce’s Parkwood Entertainment.)